A Campaign by Us for Us

We’re coming together to take care of our parish that has given us so much love, guidance, and community within Christ.

Unfortunately, the cost to run our parish, do good works, & share in God's love have outweighed our offertory for the past several years. Important repairs have gone undone in favor of making sure our lights are on & and our doors always open. We now have several projects that we can no longer ignore & we have decided to conduct our own campaign to rejuvinate our spiritual home.

Thank you for being a part of our parish community and showing interest in our endeavors to repair our infrastructure. We humbly invite you to join us in our campaign to Renew, Preserve, and Grow St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church.

Check back in regularly for updates to the campaign & our campus!

$622,304 RAISED
GOAL $1,000,000





Why Give?

Even as our leaders and community change & develop, our church will still stand with the right care.

Ten years from now, young John and Gabriella will receive their first communion, as we hold back a tear & happily look on from behind church pews.
In twenty years, we'll gather together to mourn the loss of our dear friend Linda, swapping stories in the Tobias room about how she always cracked the funniest jokes after every Sunday Mass.
Right now, we'll be providing ourselves a safe, warm, & welcoming place to worship, house Christ's servants, cultivate our children's faith, and so much more.

When we joined the St. Gregory the Great family, God's House became our house & it's our honor and responsibility to pull together to care for His Holy Home.

All donations towards this campaign stay solely within our Parish.